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Default EGL issues

I ran the test as indicated by the steps in this post. Everything worked great as I was able to obtain the KOEO and CM codes explained in steps 1-2. However, I was unable to complete the following steps and receive codes and status for both Key On Engine Running (KOER) or Cylinder Balance Test. Following step three, I turned the key back to off, waited 10 seconds, then started the car. According to the instructions I was supposed to notice an increase in idle and four CEL blinks to indicate the 8 cylinders. When I started the car, after about 10 seconds, the car's RPM's dropped/dipped and then came back up to normal. I saw no CEL light activity after this quick dip in RPM's. I tried the test twice and experienced same results and getting the same code readings for both KOEO and CM. Can anyone help me to get a proper test for step three?

Also, my tests indicate a EGR issue.

My codes read the following:

KOEO- 31 (EGR Valve Position/Pressure Feedback EGR Voltage Below Closed Limit... and 67 (Park Neutral Position Sensor Out of Range/A/C On....Clutch Switch circuit failure....

CM- 33 (EGR Valve Opening Not Detected...

If any one can interpret these codes I would appreciate explanation. I'm not too familiar with EGR's and I don't think my car even has one. I have a 93 Cobra and a 93 Saleen. The Cobra is the car with the EGR issues, but it appears that it does not have an EGR module on the back of the upper intake manifold where the Saleen has one. Therefore, the vacuum line for the unit is not utilized and capped off. Furthermore, in place of where the EGR should be mounted is a metal cap/plate that seems to be used as an EGR delete held on by bolts.

I am new to this online mustang forum and still getting used to how things work. I don't know if responses to my questions will be pushed into my inbox or notified in my personal email. If anyone can help with these issues, please email at

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