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Baron Von Crowder 05-21-2015 12:16 PM

3 million pounds of sand... castles?

Saw this last night by the ballpark in Arlington, looks like the ICE at the Gaylord, but made out of sand. Looks pretty cool, I'll have to take the kids out this summer.


95DRGT 05-21-2015 01:27 PM

Man that does look cool. I got a grand baby on the way can't wait till they get a little older and do 'kid' stuff again

KBScobravert 05-21-2015 06:58 PM

I think I have already been in the oilfield too long already. This is where my mind went when I read the title.

I think I might take the family to the one in the OP though. Even if I already see enough sand at work as it is.

bird_dog0347 06-22-2015 04:32 PM

Thread revival:

I took my kids to this yesterday, and while it's really bad ass work they've done there and I can appreciate how hard it was, it was underwhelming overall. That said, I will be fair and say that for 2 adults and 2 kids, it was $82, after pulling up to an empty parking lot, in the rain and waiting for them to charge my debit card in the rain with no covering to wait under. And really how long can you stand at a sand castle/sculpture thing and stare at it... We were done in like 15 minutes and I felt like we took our time. Bang for the buck... meh.

TeeShock 06-22-2015 04:48 PM

When the exhibit is completed I read they are going to add it to the other 3 million pounds in qik46's vag

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